Triboar Knights

The Triboar Knights is an adventuring party who’s charter was created in the small village of Phanadlin. The leader apparent is Tellaos Tessel who is followed doggedly by his self proclaimed bard Paraphan Elbereth. The original charter was made to find the Wave Echo Cave 1 for the Rockseeker dwarven clan. Kerig Rockseeker a dwarven weapon master who is part of that tribe is helping to establish the mining operation now that the mine has been discovered and reclaimed, with the help of the Triboar Knights.

Varis Liadon is in search of knowledge. He was originally sent by a vision from his god Oghma – God of Knowledge
to reclaim a secret temple and find the Forge of Spells. Now that they have found it Varis seeks to unlock it’s secrets and claim its former power. Twisted into the destiny of the Triboar Knights is the mysterious and strange Flint Wellbottom. Claiming to be a orphan from Phandalin this miniature Halfling seems to be filled with some outlandish arcane power. Besot with visions of his own he spends more time conversing with his pet mouse but his utility to the group is undeniable, if not overlooked.

The newest member of the group is Pavel Graytail who lead the group to destroy the mighty Venomfang. The Dragon who killed his master and threatened the country side – including Phandalin and the Wave Echo Cave. Finding the dragon was worshiped by an evil cult, Pavel seeks to eradicate them from his forest.

Crest of the Triboar KnightsTriboarCrest2.jpg

Triboar Knights

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