Venomfang’s Hoard

Reidoth’s Cache

Cultist Raiding Party

  • 14 gp
  • 20 sp
  • dark cloaks
  • 3 green dragon masks
  • emerald-studded green dragon mask
  • various mundane armor, weapons, and gear

Wave Echo Cave 2
• Book with map sewn into the cover
• Old tomes including one about Zhentil Keep
Azlaers Harp
Nezznar left behind a sack with some treasure(190ep, 130gp, 15pp, nine small gemstones (10gp each), and a dwarven ale mug made of hammered electrum (100gp))
• Nezznar also left behind some notes and a map on the portions of the cave that he had explored so far. You guys have already explored more than he did so there isn’t anything groundbreaking here.

Wave Echo Cave
• Boots of Striding and Springing
• Gauntlets of Ogre Power
• Lockbox w/ 600 cp, 180 sp, 90 ep, and 60 gp

• Staff of Defense
• Scroll of Charm Person
• Potion of Healing
• Potion of Invisibility
• Spellbook

Redbrand Hideout part 2
• Armory: Mundane weapons 4 long swords, 6 short swords, six light crossbows, 8 quivers holding 20 bolts each, 12 spears. 12 red cloaks. 3 healing potions
• Store room north of the crevasse: 30 beaver pelts worth 2gp a piece
• Drunk Redbrands: 75cp,55sp,22ep,15gp,gold-ruby earring (30gp), set of dice (common)
• Bugbears: 33sp, eye patch made of leather with semi-precious stones (50gp), key to locks in RB hideout
• Glasstaff’s chest: 180sp, 130gp, silk pouch with 5 carnelians(10gp each), 2 peridots (15gp), and 1 pearl (100gp)
• Nothic Chest: 160sp, 120gp, 5 malachites (15gp each), 2 potions of healing, and a scroll of augury. +1 longsword in silver-chased scabbard. The sword is inscribed with the name “Talon” and its hilt is worked in the shape of a bird of prey with outspread wings
• Sildar gives you 200gp for finding out about Iarno/glasstaff

Redbrand Hideout
• Redbrands in Cellar 3 belt pouches containing: 16sp,7gp/12sp,5gp/15ep,two garnets (10gp a piece) Also 3 Scarlet Hooded Cloaks
• Crypts: Among the bones you find 3 platinum signet rings (50gp each)
• From all the stuff you killed in the hideout, you could take any of the following stuff: Studded Leather Armor(5), Shortsword (8), Shortbow(3). If anyone needs this stuff for use you can just take it. Carrying it around is difficult because backpacks have a capacity of 30lbs so considering you already have equipment I’d say each of you could probably carry 1 piece of studded leather. If you wanted to take time to carry all the stuff out you could get more, but you would probably want to wait until the hideout is clear

Recovering Lionshield Coster’s provisions (100gp)
Barthen’s Delivery (10gp a piece)

Redbrands looted 3 of you of all your money and stuff at this point

Helping Sildar back to Phandalin (50gp)
–He needed time to get the funds so he didn’t pay you until after you were attacked by the Redbrands, so you have this gold to do whatever with

Cragmaw Hideout
Yeemik – 3 gold teeth (1gp a piece), 15sp
Klarg – 600cp, 110sp, 2 potions of healing, frog statuette (40gp)

Carnath Roadhouse
Didn’t stick around to look

Castle Naerytar
Teleported out before searching


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