Pavel Graytail

Druid of the Neverwinter Wood


When Pavel was about 10, he worked on his family’s beet farm on the outskirts of Thundertree. He always enjoyed being outside and would quite often sleep outside under a tree. His parents didn’t care for this habit, but they soon realized that he could take care of himself and felt more comfortable out there. He was always excited when the local druid, Reidoth, would come by to help out with problems that the farm was having. He learned from the druid how to communicate with some rabbits that were stealing his parents’ beets and was able to convince them to take a few beets back to their holes and eat them instead of taking a couple of bites out of dozens of them, ruining them all. He learned much from Reidoth and was happy enough living on the farm.

Thundertree was logging and trapping village. Reidoth would try to advise the trappers on the best ways to prevent suffering of the animals, though trapping, especially for profit, was something that he despised. Reidoth would also oversee the loggers, advising them on which trees were the best to cut to sustain the health of the forest as a whole and which ones were not to be touched because of their ancient beauty and their purpose as home to the wildlife of the area. The loggers would generally listen to him and liked him well enough, but there was some friction as the loggers were there not just to take wood for their homes, but to sell for profit, which the druid hated. Rather than make enemies of them, however, he decided it best to oversee their activities and try to lessen the damage to the forest as much as possible.

All of this made for a relatively healthy ecology for the village for years, but then disaster struck as Mount Hotenow erupted, destroying much of the village. Then the undead moved in, destroying much more. Pavel was quite young and his entire family perished in the disaster. Having no where else to go, he lived with Reidoth for many seasons, learning the way of the druid and how to survive in the wild, while remaining in tune with nature.

When Pavel was ready, Reidoth sent him out into the wood to commune with nature and learn from it for himself. He spent nearly 15 years on his own living amongst the wolves, bears, tigers, and other woodland creatures. He would show up under the light of the moon on the solstices to exchange information with other druids of his circle, including Reidoth, but other than these meetings, he rarely saw other humans for this entire period.

Pavel Graytail

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