After session on 10/09/14; XP total = 7,371 each

Everyone is level 5.

At end of 10/02/14 session, XP total is 6,500.
Big level:
Fighters get a 2nd attack
Magic Users get 3rd level spells and increased cantrip damage
Proficiency Bonus increases to +3

Everyone is level 3.

Redbrands in Street 400
Nothic Negotiation 450
Redbrands in Cellar 300
Trapped Hallway 100
Skeletons 150
Redrands in jail 200
Saving Dendrars 100
Drunk Redbrands 400
Bugbears 600
Nothic/Redbrands 650

XP is kind of screwed up with all the character swapping etc., I’m going to set everyone as level 3 now, 992 xp is the amount Varis had who is the only one that was in every encounter.


The Tiamat Saga Voralak