Tag: Goblins


  • Maglubiyet

    *Maglubiyet*, known as The Mighty One or The High Chieftain was the chief deity of goblins and hobgoblins as well as an exarch of Bane.[1] He was a god of war and leadership who ruled over the goblin pantheon with an iron fist. As a god of war and a great …

  • Cragmaw Goblins

    The cragmaw goblins are a tribe of goblins known for raiding caravans along the Triboar Trail. Their leader is King Grol who resides in Cragmaw Castle. Their name comes from their custom of sharpening all their teeth to make them appear fierce and …

  • King Grol

    King of the [[Cragmaw Goblins | Cragmaw Goblins]]. Resided in Cragmaw Castle. He captured [[Gundren Rockseer | Gundren Rockseer]] for [[:the-black-spider | Nezznar "The Black Spider"]] but was killed by the Triboar Knights.