The Tiamat Saga

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine
D&D 5.0!

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Goblin Arrows

Gundren Rockseer has hired you to take a wagonload of supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in the rough and tumble frontier town of Phandalin. You will receive 10GP from Barthen when you arrive with the wagon. You all have your own reasons for wanting to visit Phandalin as well, in addition to the money. Gundren left ahead of you on horse with his partner Sildar Hallwinter in order to get to Phandalin quickly to “take care of some business”.

About half a day after turning east onto the Triboar Trail off of the High Road, you notice two dead horses ahead with arrows stuck in their sides. They are the horses of Gundren and Sildar. They have been dead about a day. You notice the saddlebags were looted and there was an empty map case laying on the ground.

You are ambushed by 4 hidden goblins who come out of the dense thickets. After a bit of melee, Varis Liadon casts a sleep spell on the goblins and puts them all to sleep. Tellaos Tessel finishes each goblin off one by one, leaving one alive to press for information.

The goblin tells you that the King of their tribe, Cragmaw Goblins, had recently ordered the capture of Gundren and Sildar and the seizure of all their possessions. He seemed to be working with or for something or someone named the Black Spider. The goblin couldn’t tell you exactly where Cragmaw Castle was, just generally that it was to the north. He did agree to show you where the hideout that he was working out of was located.

He leads you down a small trail off of the Triboar Trail that had been hidden by thickets. The party makes its way past a couple of traps that had been set up and gets angry at the goblin for trying to lead them right into the traps.

At the end of the trail is the mouth of a cave that serves as the goblin hideout. A couple of goblins hidden in a blind attack after Gobul Wolvesbane takes a misstep trying to sneak a peak at the cave. The goblins were hard to pin down and a long battle ensued, but the party ended up victorious.

The cave is dark, but the party investigates and hears some growling up some natural steps that lead upwards and to the east. They decide to continue up the stream instead and take a passage across the stream that leads west. The party climbs up some rubble onto a landing that gives way to the small weight of the Halfling, but he is able to jump to the other side without falling. Hadrek Rockseeker has less luck when he tries to jump across. Even with the rope and piton setup by the halfing, he manages to fall into the pit and gets a few scrapes and bruises.

The party finds a goblin den where there are flea-ridden beds and cooking fires and of course 6 goblins. One of them seems to be the leader and calls himself Yeemik. He is holding a beat up human over the edge of a 10 foot escarpment threatening to toss him over if the party doesn’t parley with him, he wants them to kill the bugbear leader named Klarg. Tellaos identifies the human as Sildar, though he is in bad shape. Sildar tells the party not to trust the goblin.

The party attacks and as the leader tosses Sildar over the escarpment, Tellaos reacts perfectly and runs up and catches Sildar in mid air and carries him to safety. IAN YOU SHOULD GET INSPIRATION FOR THIS.

A battle ensues and despite the slippery nature of the goblins the party is able to dispatch all of them.

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Cragmaw Hideout and Klarg

The party was starting to feel better, but the spell casters still felt pretty drained of their power, so the party considered taking a longer rest. They wanted to make sure there were no surprises however so they explored down the fork in the tunnel that hadn’t been explored yet and was able to sneak up on a goblin sentry who was on the rickety bridge, looking down the stream rather than down the tunnel. They were able to kill him pretty quickly before he could react.

After a much needed rest without incident, the party felt ready to take on Klarg. They sneaked across the bridge into a cave with two large pools of water that were fed by a waterfall and dammed up, with the overflow feeding the stream that continues out of the cave. The sound of the waterfall made it much easier to sneak up on the 3 goblins waiting near the dams, so the party was able to surprise them. After dropping 2 of the goblins pretty quickly, the 3rd slipped.away and ran up a set of natural stone stairs in the south end of the cave, yelling for help the entire way.

The halfling went up the stairs to take a look, and saw a bugbear yelling at two goblins who were moving some barrels around and a wolf sitting down next to the bugbear. The Halfling backtracked down the stairs and told his comrades about what was up there.

The wizard retreated to the bridge while Klarg ordered his lackeys to attack and signaled his wolf to attack as well. The wolf and goblins made it to the bottom of the stairs where they met Sildar and Tellaos waiting for them.

Klarg started to get mad because his minions were creating a log jam at the bottom of the stairs so he orders them to get out of the way. Some of them comply, some of them perish before they get the chance. Klarg steps up and pummels Tellaos with his morning star and Tellaos drops. Klarg is able to get a couple of good hits in on Sildar, but eventually he succumbs to the onslaught of the party after his minions all drop.

The party looks through the provisions and notes that the barrels and crates are marked with a shield and lion symbol, the symbol of the Lionshield Coster merchant company. They also find a chest with some coin, a frog statuette and two potions of healing.

The party figures they should bring the supplies with them, so they float them down the stream and then put their carpentry skills to work fashioning a makeshift sled of sorts to carry the stuff back to the wagon. It takes another night of traveling to get to Phandalin, but the party arrives without further incident.

Arrival In Phandalin
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The party arrives in Phandalin and Sildar suggests the party check out the Inn for accommodations. The halfling poo poos this idea in favor of going to his aunt’s house. The party shows up at the Alderleaf Farm and Qelline welcomes them and gets to work getting some food ready for afternoon tea. The party seems to want dinner instead and she assures them that dinner will be soon. Pip, her son, tells a story of how he found a secret tunnel in the woods near Trensandor Manor and saw some activity where the Redbrands were meeting some other ruffians. Qelline suggested the Reidoth, the druid, might be a good source of information about happenings in the general area, outside of town. She offers up the hayloft as lodging for the group, but Tellaos doesn’t seem too keen on this idea and graciously declines in favor of going to the Inn.

With some time left in the day, the party decides to go the Lionshield Coster to return the goods they found in the Goblin Cave. The merchant is very happy to see that the missing goods have finally arrived and rewards the group with 100gp. She mention the Redbrands have been terrorizing the town.

There is enough time after visiting the Coster, to drop the shipment from Gundren off at Barthen’s. Barthen thanks them and gives them 10gp a piece as payment for the shipment.

The party then goes to find some lodging at the Inn. At supper they meet a few of the townsfolk who are complaining about the Redbrands again.

The next day the group heads to the Miner’s Exchange to meet with Halia Thornton. She re-iterated that the Redbarnds were a problem and offered the group 100gp to kill Glasstalf the leader of the Redbrands and bring back any correspondence found in his quarters. The group seemed to agree to this though Tellaos had some reservations about it.

On the way to see Sister Garaele the group meets up with four Redbrand Ruffians in the street who demand the party give them their money and leave town. The group announces that there is going to be some changes in town and that they’d better stand down. A fight ensues and the party is able to kill all of them including the last one that tried to get away but could not. One of the Redbrand Ruffians seemed to recognize Gobul and said something about Glasstaff paying for his capture.

The group finally visits the shrine of luck and meets with Sister Garaele. She hears the story of the visions that the wizard is having, and thinks that a recent quest she has been given may be related. She tells them about the quest to meet the banshee named Agatha.

The group was feeling pretty high after the victory against the Redbrands and recently decided to call themselves the Triboar Knights, so they went and confronted the Redbrands again at the Sleeping Giant Tap House. Again there was talk back and forth, but eventually a melee ensued.

The RBs were quick and struck fast, downing Tellaos before much could be done. Various tried to put the group to sleep, but only succeeded in putting one RB to sleep along with the barmaid. Things were going OK and gobul was able duck under a table and keep pretty well hidden for awhile, but eventually he left himself vulnerable and the RBs struck quickly and dropped him as well. The wizard blasted the RBs with burning hands, also catching fire to the place. Eventually Hadrek succumbed to the RBs as well and the wizard decided it was time to make his exit and started running.

One of the remaining RBs, tells the other two to stop the fire and then to bring the fallen party members to the Townmaster’s Hall then takes off in pursuit of the wizard who is running in that direction as well. The two RBs are able to stop the fire pretty easily and then load up a large wheelbarrow outside with the unconscious bodies and starts wheeling them down the street.

The wizard runs towards the main town square hoping that the RBs wouldn’t kill him out in public. Harbin Wester, the acting Townmaster, is standing outside watching the scene unfold as well as a few brave townspeople who have come out to see what the commotion is all about.

The RB ruffian finally catches up to the wizard and notices the crowd of people watching. He yells up to the townmaster. “Hey Harbin, arrest this elf, he just attacked us unprovoked in the Sleeping Giant and tried to kill us.” The two other surviving RBs finally make it there with the wheelbarrow full of bodies and they dump them out next to the wizard. “And arrest these scum as well, they are his accomplices, they came into the Giant and attacked us unprovoked, and set fire to place. There’s no room in this town for such behavior now is there?”

Harbin nervously says, “Nuh no of course not, wha whatever you say.” He motions to a couple of scrawny looking young men who apparently work for him to take the elf into custody. “So you’ll leave us alone now?”

The RB rubs his chin for a bit then starts grabbing for the party’s equipment, his friends join him. “Well, this will have to do as repayment to Grista for the damages to the Giant.” The RBs strip the 3 unconscious bodies of all belongings. “We’ll come back and let you know if this doesn’t cover the damages.” The RBs start walking away to the east toward Trensandor Manor, as they part they say to each “Heh, Triboar Knights, pfft. More like Cry More knights, hehe”

Some townsfolk help to stabilize the unconscious, but then Harbin has them all brought to the jail in the basement of the Town Hall. The townsfolk kind of grumble about this, but Harbin nevertheless incarcerates the Triboar Knights.

Varis ran out into an alley and hid behind some barrels. Peeking out a few minutes later, he spied on the Redbrands leaving the taphouse carrying his comrades unconscious bodies down the road to the east. He recalled that this is the direction of Trensandor Manor where the Redbrands had their not so secret hideout.

The wizard, not knowing what to do, ran to the Stonehill Inn. Sildar was there sitting at a table with a dwarf. Noticing Varis just came in the door in a huff he asked him what had happened.

After getting the story, SIldar had a concerned look on his face. “I really wish I could help you out personally, but I am already late for a very important meeting.” He points to the dwarf he is sitting with, “This is Hadrek’s cousin, perhaps he could help you. And maybe we could find some volunteers around the tavern here to rescue the Knights and put an end to the Redbrand threat once and for all!”

“I’m also trying to find a fellow Lord’s Alliance that was sent here a few months ago that went missing shortly after he arrived. He went missing while exploring the area around Trensandor Manor and so I fear he may have been captured or killed by the Redbrands as well. His name is Iarno Albrek, he is a short dark-bearded human wizard in his thirties. If you could find him or what’s left of him if he’s been killed I would be very grateful.

Treasure Experience Quests

Redbrand Hideout 1

Here is a map of what you’ve explored so far. Also check out updated Treasure Quests Experience

Varis Liadon was relieved to see he had a lot of support for the rescue effort to infiltrate the Redbrand Hideout. A human cleric named Uther volunteered as well as a human fighter who seemed to be anxious to make his mark on the world. Also, another Rockseer cousin, Kerrick, had shown up and was raring to go save his cousin, though he seemed much less polite than Hadrek was.

Sildar excused himself to go off to his important meeting, but told the group to be on the lookout for a fellow Lord’s Alliance member named Iarno Albrek. He was a short dark-bearded human wizard in his thirties. He was sent here a few months ago, but went missing shortly after his arrival. He went missing while exploring the area around Trensandor Manor, so Sildar feared the worst since that is where the Redbrands hideout is.

Varis recalled that Gobul’s cousin Carp had talked about a secret tunnel he had found and thought that maybe the tunnel was a secret entrance to the place and maybe it would be a better idea to enter there rather than the straight forward way. Qelline was rather dubious about letting her boy go especially since after hearing how her nephew had been captured, but figured that it may be helpful to the rescue effort so she allowed Carp to show them where the tunnel was, but he wasn’t allowed to go inside.

The party moved the thicket that was covering the hole and peaked inside. It was about 100ft. of tunnel into the side of the hill that the old ruins of Trensandor Manor was perched on. The end of the tunnel opened up into a relatively large cavern about 20 feet high with two rough stone columns holding up the ceiling. The cavern was lit by oil lamps and two bridges crossing a crevasse in the middle of the cavern could be seen.

Suddenly, voices penetrated the minds of 3 of the party members. The voices seemed to know facts about the adventurers that were not readily knowable by anyone, almost as if the voice was reading their very thoughts. The party was confused by this for a bit, and then a horrid monster revealed itself from behind one of the columns. It had sharp knife like projections coming out of its back, sharp teeth, claws and one large eye that dominated its face. The creature, a nothic, claimed it could help the party out if they would find some better food for it as the Redbrands have been feeding it whole humans which didn’t taste very good.

nothic.jpgThe nothic directed them to a secret door down one of the tunnels that leads to a cellar that had barrels of salted pork that it would prefer over the humans. It would tell them where the missing people were if they would get it for him. The party was reluctant to believe the nothic, but decided to give it a try. The party noticed before they crossed the south bridge that the construction was faulty and the bridge would collapse if they put weight on it. They checked out the north bridge and it seemed better so they used that bridge instead. They asked the nothic about the bridge and it claimed it had no idea that it was faulty and wasn’t trying to trap them.

The party finds the barrel of pork and brings it out to the nothic who thanks them and tells them to throw it down into the crevasse for storage. The wizard detects a faint aura of necromantic energy coming out of the crevasse and noticed that it felt unnaturally cold. The nothic directs the party to the jail area back through the cellar and through the crypts to find their friends.

The party follows the directions back through the cellar, but get ambushed by 3 Redbrands on their way through. After a brutal fight the party came out victorius, but two of the members were knocked out in the process. After stabilizing the unconscious, the party decides to go back to the Alderleaf farm to rest and they throw the bodies of the Redbrands into the crevasse. (Before they do this they loot the redbrands and find some treasure).

They left the hideout and rested at the Alderleaf farm. When they returned they searched some more of the cellar and found the barracks where the redbrands had ambushed them from. They found 3 Red Cloaks and decided to put them on. They went through the door in the north of the room that lead to a hallway. The dwarf noticed that the stone in the floor looked a bit strange and the party figured out that there was a pit trap here. There were narrow ledges on the side of the pit allowing people to bypass the trap if they realized it was there. This didn’t help out too much as some of the party members had trouble with their balance and the floor gave way. Eventually everyone was able to jump the trap and continue on.

The next room was a crypt. There were 3 skeletons propped up against 3 stone sarcophagi. The cleric determined that the skeletons were indeed animated and decided to use the power of his god to turn the skeletons. Only 1 of the skeletons was turned, but the party was able to take care of the other 2 pretty easily.

All the fighting in the crypts alerted the redbrands in the next room, the jail room, that trouble was coming. When the party entered they were attacked by 2 more ruffians. This battle went much better for the party than the first encounter with the redbrands and they were able to take care of them pretty easily and also to clean up the turned skeleton that they found at the end of the hallway leading north.

In the jail cells they found the Dendrar family, Mirna and her two children. Also in the cells were Gobul, Hadrek, and Tellaos. They all looked unconscious and unable to speak. Mirna didn’t know much other than the leader of the Redbrands was a wizard, she didn’t know his name. She also said that some big furry monsters with big ears were working for them too.

The party tried to bust open the locks but weren’t able to. Mirna suggested that either the wizard or one of the big furry monsters might have the key. They also investigated a locked door at the end of the hallway leading north and found it was locked too. They were unable to open this door as well. Currently, the group is in the jail room trying to figure out what to do.

Redbrand Hideout 2

Everyone level up to 3.
Updated Treasure Quests Experience


After freeing the captured Knights from their cells, the halflings got to work on the south cell where the Dendrars were located. Mirna Dendrar and her two children were very grateful for their freedom, but had nothing to give the party as a reward. Mirna told them that she had left an old heirloom in Thundertree when her family fled and that the party was welcome to it if they wanted to go get it.
Periwinkle and Uther volunteered to accompany the Dendrars back to safety. The rest of the party contemplated resting since it had been at least 5 minutes since their last rest. They also looked around and picked the lock of the door in the hallway off of the crypts and found what appeared to be an armory. All sorts of mundane weapons could be found here in addition to a bunch of red cloaks. Also in this room was the missing gear and 3 healing potions.
Hadrek looked around and found a secret door and everyone got real excited, what could be behind the door? There was a let down when the party discovered that it simply led back to the cavern where the nothic dwelt. In the northern part of the cavern however, there was a makeshift storage room and the party found a bunch of beaver pelts, apparently loot from a raided caravan.
The nothic greeted the party as they walked towards the western end of the hideout. They went down the northernmost corridor and descended some stairs and found two doors at the end of the hallway. They listened to both doors and heard nothing at one, and heard some rattling noises, followed by hoots and groans, and then a gabbling of voices, followed by another round of the same noises. The Knights decided to crash the apparent party and burst through the door and immediately attacked the surprised ruffians. They were slow to react, and apparently pretty drunk, so they weren’t able to get much more than a couple of hits in before perishing. The party found a lot of coin and valuable trinkets on the table.
The Knights continued through the door in the south of the room and found another hallway. There was a stairway up that apparently led back to the cavern and there was a door to the south which they tried to listen at, but couldn’t here anything, and announced that fact loudly to the rest of the group.
Gobul tried to sneak a peak inside, and saw a goblin licking the floor who passed out when he noticed the halfling looking at him. Gobul was surprised by 3 bugbears who apparently had heard the party and hid before he entered. The bugbears hit the party hard and was able to knock down Gobul before he had a chance to do anything about it. The party finally was able to react and eventually took out the trio of bugbears. The goblin who had passed out was tied up and then woken up. His name was Droop, and he seemed very willing to serve the party any way they desired since they proved to be more powerful than the bugbears. Droop was able to tell the party the layout of the rest of the hideout, but didn’t seem to know the exact location of Cragmaw Castle. He suggested that the raiding parties on the Triboar Trail may know where it is and they could try to get one of them to talk.
The party pressed on trying to find Glasstaff and decided to check out the door in the northern hallway that they had previously heard nothing at. They listened again and heard some bubbling and dripping. They peaked in and found and apparent laboratory with beakers and alchemical reagents and a bookshelf . Also a rat scurried across the floor and eyed the party from under a table. No one was able to discern exactly what this setup was hoping to accomplish, but they did find some reagents: mercury, night shade, dragon bile worth 25gp each (75 total) to an apothecary or alchemist. They looked at the books and found some on alchemy, one written in dwarvish that tells the history of the Phandelver Pact, and one written by an adventurer named Urmon, that tells of a mace called Lightbringer that was commissioned by Priests of Lathander, the god of dawn, from the mages working at the forge of spells. The mace was lost when the mines vanished from history.
The party checked for traps at the only other door in the room and found nothing, they peaked in and saw what looked like living quarters, a bed a desk and a chest at the foot of the bed. They also saw what looked to be a secret door left half open on the other side of the room. The party looks through the room and on the desk they found a bunch of receipts for alchemical supplies along with a couple of letters of interest. One mentions that a group may be coming from Neverwinter and they should be captured and any maps should be taken from them. The other mentions some newly captured slaves from an orphanage. Each letter addresses Iarno Albrek and is from the Black Spider. The party eventually pieces together that Glasstaff and Iarno Albrek are the same person. They also look through the chest and find loot.
The party follows the secret door and goes down a hallway and up the stairs and winds up back in the cavern where the nothic (and 2 ruffians) blindsides them. The party felt betrayed by the nothic, but the nothic told the group glasstaff made him attack. The party eventually dispatches the nothic and two ruffians, but glasstaff is no where to be found.
Since the nothic no longer needs his possessions, the party is more than happy to take his stuff. The chest contains +1 longsword, scroll of augury and other loot.
The Knights go back to town and tell Sildar what they have found. He seems very distraught that Iarno would betray the Lords Alliance like this and thinks that he should be captured so that he can face trial in Neverwinter. He gives the party 200gp for uncovering the betrayal.


The next day a hand penned flier on fancy looking painted vellum is seen in the Town Green and villagers are talking about it excitedly.


Thundertree and Cragmaw Castle

As the party continues, a not so dapper young fapper named Faffer gets a round of drinks for the heroes and offers his services to them for their coming journey. Tellaos is suspicious of the man’s abilities and challenges him to a test of skills outside the bar. They go back and forth, the nobleman taunting the warrior. The warrior does score a few hits, but ultimately the nobleman is victorious. Faffer, as a matter of pride, tries to score one last hit, but falls on his face, the nobleman helps him up and accepts him into his band of “Knights”.

The party rests for the night, some getting more rest than others, and they set out on the road the next day with their new horses and wagon. They make good time on the first day and make it half way to thundertree before camping. On the overnight, Faffer hears a stick break in the bushes just outside of camp and wakes Tellaos and goes to investigate. A group of Hobgoblins attacks the party. The party is awoken by the calls of Tellaos and Faffer and they set up a line formation ready to cut their enemies down as they come to attack. The wizard put two of the hobgoblins to sleep and two more of them fall for the tactics of the fighters. The party keeps one hobgoblin alive, temporarily, and find out from him that there is a bounty out on Tellaos for 25gp from the black spider. The hobgoblin doesn’t know too much of value so he is cut down along with his 2 sleeping brethren.

The Knights rest for the rest of night. <- that is some kickass writing there. They continue on towards Thundertree. They arrive in the late afternoon at the ruined town of Thundertree. They scan the small, ruined town, and see that there are buildings in varying states of dilapidation. Old cottages, farmhouses, and what appears to be a tavern in the west end. A hill in the middle of town has a tower on the top of it. Weeds and trees are overwhelming most of the structures. The town is eerily silent. There is a sign the reads, “DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!”

The bard investigates one of the ruined cottages and spots a twig blight next to the door and invites Tellaos to come over and deal with it. He sees the blight, but still misses it when he tries to cut it down. Another twig blight, that was hidden attacks. The Knights cut down the annoying little plant monsters pretty easily.

They investigate the tavern-looking building across the road. They look in the windows and see two separate rooms. A kitchen and brewing area in the west and a common room and bar to the east. The bard does a thorough job looking for tracks outside, but alas finds none going to or from the alehouse. When they enter the alehouse they are surprised to see zombies animate and rise from the floor. These zombies are slow, but tough to kill. There is a puff of ash that explodes in the area the first time they get hit, choking anyone in the immediate vicinity. The Knights are eventually able to dispatch the zombies after a fairly long battle.

The party notices some tracks going toward a fairly intact cottage toward the south end of the town. They meet Reidoth the druid. He warns them of some of the dangers in town including some plant monsters, spiders, black-cloaked humans, and a green dragon that has recently moved in. Reidoth guides them to the old herb and alchemy shop, or was that the old urban alchemy shop? They find Mirna’s Heirloom pretty easily. The druid teaches the wizard to cast animal messenger somehow.

The Knights travel to Cragmaw Castle, it takes about a day. While they are resting for the night, the wizard has a vision from his god, reminding him of his quest to find the defiled altar in Cragmaw Castle and restore it to its former glory.


bugbear.jpgWhen they arrive at the castle, they decide to scout around the castle a bit and they find a couple of alternate entrances, one of them hidden behind a big canvas in the north wall. They decide to go through this concealed entrance and pretend like they are hobgoblins that have come back from a raiding party. It turns out this tower was empty so the ruse was unnecessary. The party creeps through the door to the east and find a hallway. They listen at the eastern door and hear nothing, so they decide to barge in. On the other side they find King Grol, pet wolf at his side, arguing with a female drow. Also in the room is the unconscious body of Gundren Rockseer.

The drow priestess scores a critical hit early, but starts taking heat so she takes flight. The fighters engage the bugbear while the bard pursues the drow. The bard tries to make the drow believe he is a hobgoblin, she seems to buy it and orders him and the two other hobgoblins in the room to go help King Grol. She continues to flee out the southern exit. One of the hobgoblins sees through the ruse, the other does not. Back in Grol’s room, the rest of the party exchange blows with the bugbear and his wolf pet. The bugbear scores a few hits, but ultimately, the party takes care of him and his dog too without too many problems. The bard charmed the two hobgoblins so they are now friendly, but the pursuit of the drow wasn’t successful as she disappeared into the woods outside the castle.

Cragmaw Castle Cleanup

The party’s latest adventures as told by Faffer to a gaggle of farmers and fur traders in the Phandalin Tavern:

“So there we was wit’ King Grol layin’ at our feet. The biggest bugger you ever seen, all bloody and chopped up like a spring sow. Hacked by axes, skewer’t wit’ swords – and the smell – that’s what ya don’t get used to fightin’ ‘side wizards. Always the smell o’ burnt fur and flesh hangin’ in the air.”

“So like I was sayin’ we rescued Hadrek’s cousin, who was also layin’ on the floor an’ not lookin’ too good hisself, but the dark elf, she got away. Ran like a deer into the woods. Some o’ the others, they think she is this ‘Black Spider.’ Me? I’m not convinced. I can’t say for sure one way or t’other though. Call it a gut feeling."

“Anyhow, we was tryin’ to catch our wind. Some o’ the guys are scroungin’ through the room, lookin’ fer booty an’ such when this gobber shows up an’ spots us. He beats it down the hall, flat feet a-flappin, but Tellaos and Varis run him down. I help drag the body away, ‘cept this time its froze solid like t’was inna meat locker. Wizard magic is scary stuff I tell ya.”

“Well all the rummagin’ turns up a bag o’ coins and some vials, and Gundren’s map to Wave Echo Cave. He’s pretty riled to have it back and wants to go there to check on his brothers as soon as we stock up on some supplies here. Varis wants to copy the map but Gundren was havin’ none o’ that. We finally think we’ve got a spot to catch our breath when we hear another gobber comin’ lookin’ fer t’other one we kilt. We take him down fast but not a’fore he let’s out a ruckus.”

“Tellaos was takin’ no chances an just kicks in the door to this big main hall. T’was like a beehive full o’ gobbers in there! Kerig an’ Tellaos wade into em an start hackin’ away. I don’t think Paraphan was too keen on this plan because he kept rollin’ his eyes at me – but he was singin’ a new song bout’ it by nightfall. The battle turned in our favor when Varis puts a spell on a bunch o’ the gobbers an’ they fall right over an start sleepin’ like piglets fat from the teat! Wizards.”

“But a few gobbers get out a back door and start runnin’ pell-mell through the castle screechin’ in gobbertalk – an’ that was the end of our skulkin’ about. Now the whole place comes down on us an’ there’s gobbers ‘n hobgobbers swarmin’ everywhere! We get all split up chasin’ em about. We hear Varis yellin’ fer help from somewhere and then Flint almost gets buried by the ceiling cavin’ in. The whole place fills up with dust and we are all runnin’ everywhere tryin’ to find the wizard.”

“Turns out some creepy tentacle thing found him first! I ain’t never seen nuthin’ like it a’fore. Body like a snake, face like a squid, huge snappin’ beak – Phan says it was a grick. I say it was a nightmare I never want to see the likes of again! Well its got Varis cornered when Kerig steps in an’ we all start hewin’ away at it. Varis freezes the thing an’ Tellaos jumps on it from behind an’ runs it through. Turns out this place is the temple I was tellin’ you ‘bout – the one Varis was lookin’ for. We was spent by now though, so we hightail it outta there to catch a breather in the forest.”

“When we come back in the place is quiet ‘cept for flies buzzin’ all over the dead gobbers. Varis heads straight back to the temple and we all follow. Now I’ve never been one to pray at the gods – they don’t seem to pay much mind to us regular folk – but even I could tell something was wrong with this place. Phan points out the statues: Tymora, Ohgma, Mystra are the ones I remember, but there were others. Varis says the place is all dirtied up by the gobbers and their god ‘Lubiyet. Flint, Phan, and Varis start ’digitatin stuff around and we all clean the place up while Varis lights incense an’ starts this chantin.’ Kinda spooky watchin’ him go into this trance – not a regular elf-trance like when they sleep – but somethin’ different. Even I felt … something … when sunlight come in the high window and lights up the altar. Gave me gooseflesh all over.”

“Well Varis snaps out of it and tells us all about this vision he had. He goes on and on about some device – a star-viewer – on some castle tower in a swamp, and a group of robed women all stabbin’ each other with knives. Phan keeps grilling him on it an’ He claims it was somethin’ that happened long ago. Maybe a bunch o’ wizard hogwash, but who am I to say?”

Wave Echo Cave 1

Glasstaff waits patiently outside the Sleeping Giant Taphouse for the bard to finish his parody of a parody. “Hmm, this is pretty good, too bad this will be his final performance.” He whispers to himself. He picks his time as the bard starts his next song and sneaks in the door and reads his scroll of fireball and unleashes a tremendous conflagration into the room engulfing the majority of the crowd. Following on the heels of the fireball come 2 bugbears attacking with their morning stars and taking out the Varis and smashing Faffer.

Careless_Whisper.jpgFlint thinks quickly and sends a dissonant whisper to one of the bugbears who runs out of the taphouse apparently not liking what he heard. The bard tries to help his fallen wizard friend with some healing. Glasstaff, AKA Iarno Albrek, moves into the room and unleashes magic missiles on Faffer and orders the bugbears to take out the entire room. Varis, recently revived, casts sleep, digging deep into his magical power, onto Glasstaff who succumbs to the spell and falls to the ground. The group gangs up on one of the bugbears and takes him out. The other bugbear seeing his leader has fallen asleep, breaks free from the group to wake up the wizard, and shortly after he is killed by the group. Iarno reaches for his precious staff on the ground, but before he can he sees a magical hand appear and grab it and fly across the room with it, out of his reach. The bard tries to get the wizard to give up, and after seeing his bodyguards have been killed, and his magical staff having been taken from him, he reluctantly gives in, not wanting to suffer the wrath of the Triboar Knights.

The group tries to interrogate Iarno, who is cooperative, but doesn’t want to say too much, preferring to wait for his trial in Neverwinter. He does give up the fact that the Black Spider is a drow male, and they were to go into business together, and that the Black Spider ordered him to take the group out. Sildar agrees to take responsibility for the prisoner and after stripping him of his possessions, takes him to the jail in the basement of the town hall to hold him until he can be transported to Neverwinter. Flint hands the Staff of Defense to Varis who is like a kid in a candy shop after finding Iarno’s scrolls and spellbook. He sits down with the staff for some time, learning its properties, and also getting in tune with its energies.

The group sets off early the next day. Gundren gives his map to Kerrick who is able to read it reasonably well after turning it the right side up. The group travels almost the entire day through hilly and mountainous terrain and arrives around sunset at the cave mouth. Paraphan volunteers to scout around inside since he is able to see in the complete darkness of the cave. As soon as he enters the cave, he hears a thunderous pounding like a wave in the ocean crashing on the beach. The stone beneath him vibrates and shakes for a few seconds and eventually subsides. The bard sees a campsite with bedrolls and provisions and a lifeless body of dwarf. He investigates the dwarf and finds him to be dead, but he is wearing really nice boots. When the group joins him, Kerrick immediately recognizes the dead dwarf to be Tharden, his cousin. The group makes a makeshift burial with rocks while the wizard orders his celestial owl to investigate the bottom of the pit. There are two tunnels leading out of the pit, one to the north and one to the east. The party investigates the one to the north.

There is a mazelike series of tunnels where miners of the past have dug tunnels and given up leaving dead ends. As the party moves to the north, an Ochre Jelly drops from the ceiling and attacks Kerrick. Kerrick slashes the jelly with an ax and the jelly splits in two. The casters unleash magic spells on the oozes and Tellaos bashes it with his shield. One of the oozes gets a good hit in on Flint, but eventually Flint returns the favor with a chromatic orb and the party emerges victorious.

The party loudly moves up and then somehow surprises the bugbears in the next cavern since they were too busy whipping some children in the crevasse trying to get them to work harder. There was a rope leading down into the crevasse, but it then somehow disappeared, making it much harder for the bugbears to climb up to get the Knights. One bugbear makes it up, but immediately gets shoved off again by Tessel. Nundro the dwarf gets up and climbs the cliff thanking the group for coming to save him. Then out of nowhere, he shoves Varis off the cliff, but Flint casts feather fall on him, allowing him to fall gradually. After some back and forth, the bard tries to calm the situation, but Nundro doesn’t seem to relent. Eventually the dwarf succumbs to some magic missiles and after falling down, he turns into a gray alien-like body much bigger than a dwarf. The party determines that this was a doppelganger posing as Nundro. The party then mops up the bugbears.


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