The Tiamat Saga

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

D&D 5.0!

Ben will be DMing as we try out the next version of D&D


If I remember correctly this is the group.
Ian – Human Fighter (Noble)
Gianca – Halfling Rogue
Tom – Dwarven Cleric
Troy – Elf Wizard

Come up with names and read the backgrounds on the back of your character sheets.

We will start in Neverwinter at the fallen tower tavern. You are all enjoying yourself with food drink and watching the phantom images moving about.

Nothing too unusual is happening but you do notice a dwarf approaching groups of people talking with them for a bit and then moving on when the people say no to him.

Tom’s character recognizes the dwarf right away, it is his cousin Gundren, whom he is meeting up with to catch up on clan news.

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

A dark figure enters the tavern, escaping the notice of most of the patrons. He walks up to bar next to the rogue and orders a shot of whiskey from the bartender. After receiving the shot, he holds the glass and speaks to the rogue in a cheery voice. Seemingly nothing but gibberish comes out of his mouth.

“Knock-knock, The birds of a feather what tried to crash you has a new enemy that is flag waving a click on the Prince Prig. There‚Äôs a Mort you might know looking for hired help. The lary is Halia Thornton. Syetken now.”

He quaffs his shot, puts the glass down on the bar and walks out of the tavern.

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

Gundren continues his rounds and finally gets to the area where all of you are sitting. You just so happen to be sitting near each other. He looks at the human and figures with the way he is dressed he must be someone of at least minor importance and thus gives a minor bow as he introduces himself.

“Gundren Rockseer’s the name, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I see you already met my dear cousin. I am actually in need of someone of your stature and esteem for a very important business matter. I actually need all of you. I’ve got something very big happening down in Phandalin and need to run down there with my partner Sildar tonight.”

“But I also need a wagonload of supplies to be delivered to Barthen’s Provisions. That’s where you all come in. If you can safely deliver the supplies there’s 10 GP apiece in it fer ya.”

Gundren takes a pouch of gold from his pocket and shakes it in front of you to make the deal seem more tempting.

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

Tellaos Tessel perked up when he heard mention of Sildar’s name. Ever since leaving Waterdeep, he had followed in the knight’s. footsteps. The prospect of staying in the city, with a meaningless title-a relic, actually-was the worst thing which the young man could think of. Sildar Hallwinter had made an impression on Tessel, when the first met. The knight spoke of bringing order and justice to the edge of civilization, by any means necessary. To that end, he was heading to the small village of Phandalin and he was looking for like-minded men to join him. Now all those years under the cruel tutelage of swordmaster Alaric Extegorri might finally pay off! After speaking with Sildar, Tellaos longed to be a part of the effort. The knight had mentioned he was working with a dwarf, named Rockseer.

“You’re partners with Sildar Hallwinter, aren’t you? Well, you can consider me at your service, sir! I am Tellaos Tessel, of House Tessel, formerly of Neverwinter.”

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

The Elf also perks up when he hears Gundren mention Phandalin. He has been having visions recently while in meditation about a special mission in service to his god and more information would be available from a Sister Garaelle who can be found at the temple of Tymora in Phandalin.

“Ahh serendiptious, I was contemplating traveling to Phandalin anyway and the supplementary currency is always beneficial.”

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

Gundren looks relieved to hear that Tellaos knows of Sildar. Having another trustworthy person, in addition to his cousin Hadrek driving the wagon makes him feel like he needn’t worry about it and can attend to his other business.

“Ahh, very good Mr. Tessell. It pleases me to have trustworthy people attending to this delivery.”

Gundren looks to his cousin Hadrek.
“It is good to see you back on the mainland Hadrek. I wish I had more time to catch up, but I have to get to Phandalin right away with Sildar. Perhaps when we meet in Phandalin we can catch up and I will certainly have more work for you too.”

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Mine

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