The Tiamat Saga

Wave Echo Cave 3

Kerig and Faffer hailed each other as they crossed paths. Kerig was returning from escorting the orphans out of the cave and burying his cousin while Faffer was on his way out to go check on his livestock. When Kerig arrived he found the group coming upon a cavern full of fungi of all sorts. Puffballs a foot across, weird shelf fungus growing on stalagmites and large stalks and caps five feet high occupied the cavern. Paraphan had already scouted ahead to he next room and whispered back to Tellaos that the air in the cavern was difficult to breath and burned his lungs so the group should be careful on its way through. So Tessel covered his face with his cloak as he started through the cavern and about half way through he was hit by a flurry of tendrils coming from an animate violet colored fungus that was blending in with the rest of the fungi. His armor absorbed the attacks, but he had to lower his shield and in so doing his cloak fell off of his face and he was exposed to the spores, but was able to hold off the effects.

The group sprung into action helping out Tessel. Kering tossed an axe at the horde of fungi and managed to hit one. Flint had a lucky shot that almost hit Varis, but just missed him and whizzed through to blast one of the fungi. Tessel uncharacteristically lost his composure for a minute and lashed out at the fungi that were flailing at him and over swung and slipped in some of the fungus at his feet and fell down. The fungus took advantage of Tessel being vulnerable and unleashed a flurry of attacks on him. The bard was ready to heal Tellaos, but wasn’t too keen on going back in the room for fear of damaging his precious vocal chords, so he waited, ready to heal Tessel when he fleed out of the cavern. Varis continually pounded the fungus with acid and Flint launched a chromatic orb at one of them, blasting it to pieces. The party eventually overcame the fungus and made it through the room without inhaling any of the spores.

They continued on into the next cavern which has glittering mineral deposits on its ceiling which catch the light and send it back to create the impression of a starry night sky. There are dozens of skeletons, many of which have been crushed by fallen rocks debris in the cavern and also two free-stranding structures that are human proportioned, unlike many of the other doors and furnishings in the other parts of the cave. The structures are separated by an escarpment that has a set of stone stairs carved into them. Both structures have battered and blackened masonry walls and their double doors are cracked and scorched.

The party tried to open the doors of the lower structure, but the hinges have been melted and so they needed to get out a crowbar to wrench them open. Inside is a bookcase with dusty tomes on it as well as a bed and a scorched iron chest. When Tellaos stepped in the room a ghostly black form appeared out of nowhere and threatened the party if they touched his treasures. After some talking from the bard, the wraith decides to offer the party a deal. If they will kill the spectator in the building at the top of the stairs, it will give them all the treasure in his chest other than his prized pipe. The party agrees and the party heads upstairs to find the spectator.

The party peeks in the door and the spectator greets them. They talk for awhile with it and it seems fairly confused and thinks the mine is still in operation and everything is as it was a hundred years ago. It allows the dwarf in, apparently figuring he belongs there and the dwarf investigates the eerie green flame in the brazier. He puts his axe in the fire and after a minute or so he pulls it out and it feels as if it has been transformed into a magical weapon. The effects are only temporary; they figure it will last about 10 hours or so. The party decides to take out Mormesk the Wraith rather than the spectator, figuring that the spectator actually belongs here.

The Knights develop a ruse trying to trick Mormesk with a minor illusion, but he seemed to see through it and attacked. The Knights got a few good hits in with their newly magic weapons. Mormesk countered by draining some of Kerig’s life force. The wraith retreats out of the room, going straight through the wall. On the outside of the building the wraith calls for help in the form of 4 skeletons who rise up and surround Varis the wizard. The Wraith appears from the corner of the building and Varis unleashes 3 darts for magic missile into the wraith. The bard mocks the wraith and finally Flint lands the killing blow in the form of a chromatic orb. The party puts away their weapons and draws their mops and takes care of the skeletons.
Sigil.jpgThe party loots the room finding a bunch of coins and gems in the treasure chest as well as a pipe with platinum filigree that appears to be valuable. They look through some of the books which are mostly histories. They find a map sewn into the cover of one of them. There are books on various places in Faerun, Zhentil Keep being one of them. They then go outside the building and find a pile of rocks on the ground that has a big flat stone with a sigil burnt into it. The party wasn’t able to decipher the Sigil, but the bard copied it into his notes. The bard also started to hear beautiful harp music in his head that he replicated on his lute. After digging up some of the rocks they find a beautiful harp whose strings glow with a blue magic glow when played.

spectator_flip_cut_2_1_.pngThe group decided that a rest would be a good idea, so they went up to the Forge of Spells to rest with the spectator. They take a look in the northern room of the forge building. and find two items. A mace that glows when wielded and a breastplate. The party identifies the mace as Lightbringer and the breastplate is a magical breastplate called Dragonguard. After resting the party gets ready to leave, but as they leave the spectator attacks, protecting the magic items from being pilfered.

The spectator shoots rays out of two of its many eyes frightening Kerig and Paralyzing Varis. Flint steps up an unleashes a Chromatic Orb, absolutely pummeling the spectator with lightning. The dwarf runs out of the room scared. Tellaos rushes in and attacks the spectator with his sword, hitting hit once, but missing it on his second swipe. The spectator retaliates by paralyzing him with his eye ray and then unleashes a ray on Varis who shakes off the effects of it. The bard starts playing Azlaer’s Harp to calm down Kerig. Flint unleashes another orb on the spectator killing it.

The group goes to the west and finds that that is the waterwheel room that they already visited. They backtrack and go to the north where they find the source of the wave-like sounds they’ve been hearing in the cave. There is a narrow ledge overlooking a cliff that leads to huge body of water that appears to be part of a much larger cavern. The water rises quickly into the chamber causing the wave like sounds, then subsides. The party hears some crying ahead and go investigate. One of the slave children sees them and is happy that his savior has arrived. Tellaos apparently isn’t convinced that this is indeed a child so he swings at him with his sword, but misses badly and falls to the ground. He tells the bard that this is off the record and gets up and dusts himself off. The party is skeptical, but they eventually believe the kid and have him lead them to where the other slaves are. He leads them back to the large cavern where they fought the bugbears. They go up the cliff on the east side and down the hallway into a great big room lined with statues that appears to be a temple of Dumathoin, the dwarven god of mining. Some people notice some spiders hiding behind the statues right before they attack.

The spiders charge right in, but they all miss trying to bite the Knights. Varis casts sleep, but is unsuccessful. The bard sings a song to Tellaos. The dwarf hits a bugbear who becomes frightened. All of a sudden, the entire area becomes engulfed in darkness, even the torches that had been lighting the area seem to be not working, although their heat can still be felt. A spider shoots a web out at Tellaos, catching him in the web.



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