The Tiamat Saga

Wave Echo Cave 1

Glasstaff waits patiently outside the Sleeping Giant Taphouse for the bard to finish his parody of a parody. “Hmm, this is pretty good, too bad this will be his final performance.” He whispers to himself. He picks his time as the bard starts his next song and sneaks in the door and reads his scroll of fireball and unleashes a tremendous conflagration into the room engulfing the majority of the crowd. Following on the heels of the fireball come 2 bugbears attacking with their morning stars and taking out the Varis and smashing Faffer.

Careless_Whisper.jpgFlint thinks quickly and sends a dissonant whisper to one of the bugbears who runs out of the taphouse apparently not liking what he heard. The bard tries to help his fallen wizard friend with some healing. Glasstaff, AKA Iarno Albrek, moves into the room and unleashes magic missiles on Faffer and orders the bugbears to take out the entire room. Varis, recently revived, casts sleep, digging deep into his magical power, onto Glasstaff who succumbs to the spell and falls to the ground. The group gangs up on one of the bugbears and takes him out. The other bugbear seeing his leader has fallen asleep, breaks free from the group to wake up the wizard, and shortly after he is killed by the group. Iarno reaches for his precious staff on the ground, but before he can he sees a magical hand appear and grab it and fly across the room with it, out of his reach. The bard tries to get the wizard to give up, and after seeing his bodyguards have been killed, and his magical staff having been taken from him, he reluctantly gives in, not wanting to suffer the wrath of the Triboar Knights.

The group tries to interrogate Iarno, who is cooperative, but doesn’t want to say too much, preferring to wait for his trial in Neverwinter. He does give up the fact that the Black Spider is a drow male, and they were to go into business together, and that the Black Spider ordered him to take the group out. Sildar agrees to take responsibility for the prisoner and after stripping him of his possessions, takes him to the jail in the basement of the town hall to hold him until he can be transported to Neverwinter. Flint hands the Staff of Defense to Varis who is like a kid in a candy shop after finding Iarno’s scrolls and spellbook. He sits down with the staff for some time, learning its properties, and also getting in tune with its energies.

The group sets off early the next day. Gundren gives his map to Kerrick who is able to read it reasonably well after turning it the right side up. The group travels almost the entire day through hilly and mountainous terrain and arrives around sunset at the cave mouth. Paraphan volunteers to scout around inside since he is able to see in the complete darkness of the cave. As soon as he enters the cave, he hears a thunderous pounding like a wave in the ocean crashing on the beach. The stone beneath him vibrates and shakes for a few seconds and eventually subsides. The bard sees a campsite with bedrolls and provisions and a lifeless body of dwarf. He investigates the dwarf and finds him to be dead, but he is wearing really nice boots. When the group joins him, Kerrick immediately recognizes the dead dwarf to be Tharden, his cousin. The group makes a makeshift burial with rocks while the wizard orders his celestial owl to investigate the bottom of the pit. There are two tunnels leading out of the pit, one to the north and one to the east. The party investigates the one to the north.

There is a mazelike series of tunnels where miners of the past have dug tunnels and given up leaving dead ends. As the party moves to the north, an Ochre Jelly drops from the ceiling and attacks Kerrick. Kerrick slashes the jelly with an ax and the jelly splits in two. The casters unleash magic spells on the oozes and Tellaos bashes it with his shield. One of the oozes gets a good hit in on Flint, but eventually Flint returns the favor with a chromatic orb and the party emerges victorious.

The party loudly moves up and then somehow surprises the bugbears in the next cavern since they were too busy whipping some children in the crevasse trying to get them to work harder. There was a rope leading down into the crevasse, but it then somehow disappeared, making it much harder for the bugbears to climb up to get the Knights. One bugbear makes it up, but immediately gets shoved off again by Tessel. Nundro the dwarf gets up and climbs the cliff thanking the group for coming to save him. Then out of nowhere, he shoves Varis off the cliff, but Flint casts feather fall on him, allowing him to fall gradually. After some back and forth, the bard tries to calm the situation, but Nundro doesn’t seem to relent. Eventually the dwarf succumbs to some magic missiles and after falling down, he turns into a gray alien-like body much bigger than a dwarf. The party determines that this was a doppelganger posing as Nundro. The party then mops up the bugbears.


Flint rushes to help and console the missing orphan children, cleaning them up with Prestidigitation and feeding them some of his rations. They tell Flint that they are not sure if there are any more children in the mines, as they were kept in a small group since they were captured.
Small sparks gleamed in Flint’s eyes as renewed resolve filled his spirit. He could feel the power of the Old One coursing through his blood. He knew that there would likely be a price to pay, but for this moment the power was what was necessary to complete his task.
Steel poked his head out of Flint’s pouch and quickly hid.

Wave Echo Cave 1

You do your best to calm the children, but they are pretty scared after the ordeal. Some are sobbinng uncontrollably, some are just staring blankly in the distance. They all scarf down some rations, but otherwise are not very responsive.

Flint may do a persuasion check with advantage since he knows them to try to calm them down and reassure them.

Wave Echo Cave 1

Varis looks up at the cliff he had just been pushed off from. “What a strange turn of events!” “Usually when somebody falls they get hurt, but it seemed due to my light frame that I can just float to the ground when falling. Excellent!”

Perhaps it would be better if I didn’t get so close to the edge next time…

Looking over at flint, Varis taps his Staff of Defense on the floor and casts Mage Armor on him. “A spell for a spell my friend.”

Wave Echo Cave 1

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