The Tiamat Saga

On to the Carnath Roadhouse!

(and the peasants rejoiced. Huzzah!)

Wading sometimes knee deep in muck, travel on this portion of the High Road was slow and treacherous. What was left of the old High Road was eaten by the swamp. The next five days will be the longest, wettest days of the journey. To imagine supplies, particularly food supplies came this route once per month was hard. The wagon masters and farmers were paid better than fair by Lord Neverember to get them to the construction camp and to Carnath Roadhouse.
About 2 days into the mere, the small caravan was attacked by two scrag (aquatic troll) looking for a quick meal of horse flesh. One guard and one driver died during the fight along with one horse from one of the wagons. The (undercover) Triboar Knights proved their worth as they eventually bested the skrag. One of their riding horses was hitched to the team with the missing horse and Tellaos drove the wagon of the dead driver. Two more days to solid ground again as they approached the first of the work camps. They buried the dead as they learned from the camp foreman that it was not that uncommon for caravans, or work camps for that matter, to lose folk to the terrors of the mere.
The remaining ride to the Carnath Roadhouse was uneventful and once there they found few luxuries. The northbound caravan from Waterdeep was expected with the next two or three days, so everyone caught up on some well earned rest before the caravan was scheduled for its return trip in three days. The Knights would then have to decide which direction they were to go. Meanwhile, Tellaos made friends with Bog Luck, the half-orc superintendent of the Roadhouse.
Bog let Tallaos and his friends unload the wagons from Waterdeep when they arrived the next day. Tallaos noted that some were “marked” and went into a locked room in the “warehouse”. Later that night, Pavel changed himself into a mouse and went exploring the warehouse. All of the crates outside of the locked room were just normal perishable supplies, but the crates inside the locked room were much better made and hard to get into. When he finally got into a couple, he found a lot of items made of precious metals and gemstones ….. possibly a small horde to tempt a dragon?



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