The Tiamat Saga

Lizards 1 --- Frogs 0

(the Bullywugs croak)

While Pavel was ratting around in the locked room, Kerig had a visitor, a female Gnome named Jamna who said that she was to meet up with them. He had half expected a Dwarf from the cryptic message he had found in his backpack with information from Halia Thornton. Was this the contact?
Jamna told Kerig of the Half-dragons, Resmir (black) and Cyanwrath (blue), and how they had been looting towns in the south Sword Coast. They had loaded wagons with the loot and transported it through Baldur’s Gate, joining a caravan heading north to Waterdeep. The Half-dragons did not join the caravan. It’s likely that they went ahead alone as Resmir met the caravan as soon as it arrived in Waterdeep. I (Jamna) met the caravan just before it arrived at Daggerford. All of the Harpers except one that had been following the cultists had died of creature encounters or “accidents” along the way. It is important that the treasure is tracked to it’s destination to prevent or at least dely the cult from summoning Tiamat back into the physical world. Then Jamna was gone.

Pavel returned from his outing shortly after midnight and woke the Knights up. Jamna mysteriously showed up also and Kerig introduced her. Plans were made for the next night for Pavel to again stake out the treasure room. During the night Lizardmen showed up through a “box” trap door and carrying boxes down the trap door. Pavel, the rat, left the room and returned to the Knights. Not wanting to let the treasure get too far away, the party charmed their way past the warehouse guard and into the room. Down the ladder, out the tunnel and following the lizardfolk footprints until the last lizardfolk could be seen. They were not playing any attention to anything but themselves and the last one tripped and dropped his box, spilling treasure along the path. The party sneaked up and “captured” the lizard (Snapjaw), who pleaded for his life. A truce was made and Snapjaw would talk to the rest of the lizards. The party would help them kill the Bullywugs, especially Spattergoo, and they would help the party get into the castle. They would pretend to be cultists reporting to the castle for work.


To make a long story short, they made it to the castle, helping unload the crates for the higher ranked cultists in the castle and then went out to “party” with the lizardfolk. After midnight, the “party” carried over to the Bullywug camp and the “frogs” were dispatched. Now, on to the gatehouse …



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