The Tiamat Saga

I do believe it may be a quest!

(or how to go completely off script on the first night)

After receiving the scroll from the Lords’ Alliance, Tellaos Tessel, rebuilding his family estate outside of Neverwinter, summons the Triboar Knight to travel to Phandalin. His old friend Sildar will have more information on their quest. It must be a quest of great importance to call the Triboar Knights. Along the way, they were attacked by a small band of “pig farmer” bandits. (“Shoot the loud one and shut him up!”) Two were killed and left by the roadside, the rest ran away and escaped.
On their arrival at Phandalin, they are not received as well as expected. A certain amount of resentment and dislike for the Knights has seemed to grown. Things don’t seem to be going well at the Wave Echo Mine and the Dwarves, Miners Guild, and townsfolk are blaming the Triboar Knights. The information gathered by Paraphan indicates that the Arcane Brotherhood (Brothahood?) has laid claim to the mine and were told about it by the Knights.
At Sildar’s, they learned that the Arcane Brotherhood came to the Wave Echo Mine and laid claim to the Forge of Spells and the Cult of the Dragon has returned to Thundertree. The Arcane Brotherhood has said it was information gotten from this group that brought them to claim the mine. Sildar tells them of recent happenings of the Cult in the southern Sword Coast and that he is expecting another message from Lord Neverwinter.
While waiting, Tessel and crew headed to seek out Ildaar Gnaarth, the Turmish representative of the Arcane Brotherhood, but first to stop by the miners exchange to check on the deed to the mine.
Halia is no longer at the Miners Exchange and found nearly the same information … except the actual dispute is that the Dwarves own the mine, but the Arcane Brotherhood lays claim to the Forge of Spells that their brotherhood constructed there over one hundred years before. After much bickering, they leave and continue to Ildaar Gnaarth’s tent.
After much loud talk, which quieted greatly with a silence spell, it was agreed (without consulting the Rockseekers) that the Brotherhood would repair all of the equipment in the mine and pay the group an endowment of 20,000 GP in exchange for no more opposition to them taking their Forge of Spells from the mine.
The message from the Lords’ Alliance arrived. The treasure is being shipped up the High Road from Waterdeep. They should disguise as vendors of farm goods bound for Carnath Roadhouse, a construction camp on the High Road by the Mere of Dead Men …
Local knowledge / gossip as you travel …
A cold, coastal marsh called the Mere of Dead Men lay between the road and the coast. Over the years, the mere continually expanded. Each time it grew, it flooded the road, which had to be relocated farther inland. That was the situation until half of a century ago, when Neverwinter was nearly destroyed by the eruption of Mount Hotenow. With the city in ruins, efforts to keep the road open simply stopped. It no longer served a purpose.
But now, Lord Neverember is rebuilding Neverwinter and the road is needed again. The Mere of Dead Men is wild and dangerous. Lord Neverember’s agents in this endeavor are perpetually looking for laborers to build the road and fighters to protect the
laborers. Turnover in those jobs is pretty high. Few wagons can make it through the areas where the swamp has washed out the road and rutted, muddy wagon trails into the surrounding wood and scrub land slows travel down to only around five miles per day over a 20 to 30 mile stretch. Work crews have only gotten about 10 miles north of the Carnath Roadhouse.


Nice Writeup Vance – Can’t wait till tonight.

I do believe it may be a quest!

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