The Tiamat Saga

Black Spider Battle

Updated Treasure NOTICE: The black spider left behind a sack of treasure that had some coin and stuff that I forgot to mention last night.

Faffer saw that everything was well on his farm so he decided to go back and help his friends in the mines. He did his best to navigate the mazelike section of the cave near the new entrance, but he got lost and ran into an Ochre Jelly that hit him a few times, but he was able to stave it off and continue through the cave. He wasn’t very quiet on his way and so he attracted the attention of two bugbears that were standing guard in the barracks that hadn’t been explored by the group yet. The bugbears followed him and waited for the perfect moment to strike. They surprised Faffer from behind, but were too inept to actually hit him. Faffer struck back at one of them with his sword.

Back in the temple of Dumathoin, the party was still engulfed in the magical darkness that seemed to come out of nowhere. Those with enough knowledge of the drow, figured that he was to blame, others probably thought it was a wizard’s magic of some sort, either way no light shone through and so they flailed about or the smarter ones walked out of the room and back into the lighted area. Varis spread some oil in the hallway just out of the darkness. Kerig flailed about in the darkness and landed a killing blow on one of the bugbears. Tellaos emerged from the darkness into the hallway and Flint levitated up to the ceiling of the hallway. About this time a bugbear emerged from the darkness and through the oil that was spread by Kerig, but he didn’t miss a step, but he did miss Tellaos when he swung at him with his morningstar. Varis, now being able to see the bugbear, casted a ray of frost on him, killing him.

Faffer tried to push a bugbear down, to no avail and followed up with an attack that missed as well. The bugbears retaliated and one of them hit Faffer solidly. The bard started to sing Christmas carols and healed Tellaos. Faffer, surrounded by bugbears and spiders, decided he better go on the defensive.

The magical darkness subsided and the party to see a drow move out from behind a statue and he points his staff at them and webs surround them in the hallway, restraining everyone save Faffer. The spiders move in and attack Kerig, knocking him out with their bites. Flint sees the black spider now and casts a chromatic orb at him, but a magical shield of force forms to block it. After some back and forth, Flint tries again and this time he hits the Black Spider. The bard healed Kerig, who regained consciousness. Kerig gets up and throws some axes at a spider and slips and falls on his face again. The Black Spider casted magic missiles on Varis, who used his Staff of Defense to put up a magical shield, blocking all the missiles. Flint unleashed another powerful chromatic orb which hit the Black Spider again. Something weird happened after this display of power though, and Flint shrunk 9 inches afterwards, becoming even more diminutive than before.

Varis launched magic missiles at the giant spider and the black spider. The Giant spider perished and the black spider used his magical shield to block the dart. Kerig got a few hits on a spider and then the Black Spider, dropped his area of webs, and casted invisibility on himself. Tellaos whistled at the spiders surrounding Faffer, but they didn’t seem to be phased. The doppelganger revealed itself as Vyerith, the drow priestess that the party had met in Cragmaw Castle, though obviously she is not a drow priestess, but a doppelganger… After some back and forth, Kerig set the doppelganger on fire with a concoction in a jar. A spider bites Faffer and he falls unconscious. Tellaos gets a good hit in on the doppelganger and then attempts to persuade him to give up. The doppelganger assesses the situation and decides to give up. The party takes care of the remaining spiders and can’t find Nezznar anywhere. They question the doppelganger who doesn’t seem to know where he may be. The party lets him go and he takes off.

The party looks in the next room over and find Nundro Rockseer, Magda, and the remaining orphans. They also find a sack full of treasure and some notes that Nezznar left behind. Everyone is grateful for being saved.


In the midst of Battle Paraphan prayed to the god of wisdom for help and guidance. Strumming his magical Harp he lifted his voice to Oghma.

The lord of Knowledge is supreme, Oghma!
Binder of all that is known, Oghma!
Blue and green radiance clean, Oghma!
Bringing songs and new ideas, Oghma!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Oghma!
Love’s redeeming work is done, Oghma!
Fought the fight, the battle won, Oghma!
Where, O death, is now thy sting? Oghma!

Soar we now where he has led, Oghma!
Following our exalted Head, Oghma!
Praise to thee by both be given, Oghma!
Thee we greet triumphant now, Oghma!

King of glory, soul of bliss, Oghma!
Everlasting life is this, Oghma!
Thee to know, thy power to prove, Oghma!
Thus to sing, and thus to love, Oghma!

(Not a Christmas Carol)

Black Spider Battle

After the lengthy Battle Paraphan soothes the injuries of the group by playing one more annoying song about mushrooms.

Sleep of the Earth of the land of Faerie
Deep is the lore of Cnuic na Sidhe
Hail be to they of the Forest Gentry
Pale, dark spirits, help us free
White is the dust of the state of dreaming
Light is the mixture to make one still
Dark is the powder of Death’s redeeming
Mark but that one pinch can kill

Sleep Poison in your dreams Some will not awake Nothing’s as it seems Iron bonds will break Hearts will be set free Wrongs will be made right Sleep and death will be Justice in the night Sleep will be Justice in the night Death will be Justice in the night
Black Spider Battle

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