The Tiamat Saga

... and the adventure continues on to Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

Vance DMs

It has been 3 months since the Triboar Knights last adventured. Some have retired, some have moved on to better things, at least one has passed away tragically, but Tellaos Tessel has returned to his home in Neverwinter and is more and more restless. Is it some evil in the air or just a bad turnip in last night’s feast? There is a knock at the door. A messenger with a scroll. Messengers are not uncommon at Tessel’s home. Contractors, guild masters, trade agreements, sometimes more than Tellaos would care to acknowledge. The messenger quickly leaves and Tellaos looks at the sealed scroll. A wax seal with the crown of the Lords’ Alliance pressed into it. Tellaos reads the scroll:



Yes! The Triboar Knights are back!


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